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How Steve Koerber adds value to his seller clients by making it easier for people to buy their home

Posted by Steve Koerber on September 28, 2009

Omahu 1-13Recently I sold this home at 1/13 Omahu Rd in Remuera.  A very popular auction attracted eight bidders and it sold for a price the owners were very happy with.  Nothing unusual about that!

So here’s the unusual bit.  There were two separate bidders who had arranged to bid by phone.  One was too nervous to come to the auction and, in the end, was the top bidder and bought the house for $1,250,000.  

The other phone bidder lived in the UK and had never been through the house.  This bidder had spotted the house on three days before the auction.  Especially since they hadn’t even been through the house you would think it would be a brave decision to phone bid at all.  So how did this person have the confidence to bid from thousands of miles away on a house they hadn’t been through?  I’m glad you asked.

The night before the auction this bidder spoke with me on the phone about the property.  Incredibly (though not surprising) he knew virtually everything he needed to know about the property.  Our chat was mostly about organising his deposit to be paid. 

Before our conversation ended, this is what this buyer said to me: 

“When I sent you an email enquiry about the property 3 days ago I received your very efficient auto-reply email in my inbox straight away.  I linked through to the council website for the CV, rates etc.  Then I linked through to the aerial view and checked the school zoning.  Then I looked at your comprehensive guide to recent local sales.  Then I printed off the LIM report and the title.  The LIM indicated a small defect but you explained on your blog & linked to an email from council that showed that there was no problem at all.  I printed off the Auction contract and had it checked out by my lawyer in NZ.  And I did all of this without needing to speak with you.  I felt totally informed and I must say I have never received this type of service from a real estate agent ever.”

Real estate people are prone to skiting aren’t we.  There, I’ve done it, I’m skiting about my service!  So if you know anyone who is buying or selling, perhaps you could recommend they check out my unique service here.  I’d love to help them and I’d really appreciate your referral.  Thank you.


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Remuera real estate is undervalued. I know and believe this. My aim is to change that one sale at a time.

Posted by Steve Koerber on January 9, 2009

This is Steve Koerber’s old site.  Please click here and go to…

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