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How to use Twitter for Real Estate

Posted by Steve Koerber on May 20, 2009

Cruise ship

Random thoughts:  If you’re like me, totally random thoughts pop into your head every day.  For example, the other day I thought that taking my family on a cruise would be a cool thing to do.  I Googled “cruises leaving NZ Dec 2009”.  After five minutes I made a mental note of dates and prices (inside cabin price was $1257) then got distracted and closed the website.  Life is busy.  I probably won’t re-visit that website.  My bright idea might fade away and we’ll just go to the beach again this Christmas.  Let me explain why I’m talking about this…

Social Networks:  Recently I’ve been experimenting with various Social Networks.  Platforms you may have heard of like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  In an apparent vote of support my big boss Peter Thompson (Barfoot & Thompson Director) recently joined Twitter.  I was one of the first people he decided to “follow” or “keep tabs on”.  At first, seeing him follow me was a bit of a shock.  I felt a like Big Brother was watching me.  But Peter’s ‘follow’ got me thinking.  I worked out that the key to (or secret behind) social networking is that it fosters total honesty and transparency.  That’s got to be a good thing.

Twitter:  If you know how to log onto the internet I reckon you should join Twitter.  You might not understand why initially (most people don’t), but if you’re planning on staying in real estate for the next ten years it will help grow your business.  Trust me on this!

Listings:  These days at listing presentations I explain to potential vendors how I’m harnessing the power of technology and social networks to enhance my service.  It still astounds me that when I arrange to show one of my listings to a potential buyer, people previously unknown to me are increasingly just “arriving”.  Many of these mystery buyers trust me (I hope) because they’ve investigated me online, plus they know lots about the listing because they’ve already downloaded documents I provide to help them make a buying decision.  The bottom line is this:  it’s easier to sell to someone who trusts you and appreciates your level of service – especially before they even meet you!

Like magic:  This “qualified buyers appearing like magic” scenario may sound far-fetched, but it’s actually happening and it’s incredibly exciting. The great news is I’ve developed a system that’s reasonably easy to set up and I’m happy to share it with you.  No strings attached.

Back to the Future:  Back to the cruise scenario I mentioned.  Think about this.  If the cruise website I found had a Twitter ‘follow’ button that promised to alert me every time the price changed, you can bet I would have ‘followed’.  That would be a big win-win for the cruise website and me.  Every time the price changes the website would “Tweet” it and get my attention. Who knows, if the deal on offer was sufficiently appealing, I might buy from them (not from a competitor).  Sites like Twitter are giving consumers the power to filter and receive exactly what they want.

The mind boggles when I think about the untapped possibilities of sites like Twitter for the real estate industry.  Imagine how much value you could add to the services you already provide.

PS – (If you are in an industry like travel, retail, services etc and people who visit your site are price sensitive, you could bring customers back to your site by promising future ‘deals’.  If you promise to move the price or spice up the deal make sure you add to your website a Twitter follow capacity relating to the aspect that is likely to appeal to customers.  Isn’t that what business is all about, repeat and return custmers?)

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Remuera’s all a Twitter about Blogs, Emails & Customer Service

Posted by Steve Koerber on April 12, 2009

So… I’ve got a blog.  I’ve also got auto-response emails that direct customers to my blog… then I provide them with more information about my homes-for- sale than 99.9% of agents choose to (or know how to).  twitterlogo1

You guessed it, I’m an early adopter of technology! And I get the feeling that Twitter is going to (eventually) propel me (and hopefully you) to the next level of geeksville.

Twitter is the fastest growing social networking site in the world.  For business use, I see it as a way to build a brand and establish a niche.  For example; by regularly using Twitter to share my knowledge, activities and results, you could perceive Steve Koerber as Remuera’s most informed and informative real estate salesperson.  My dream come true!

So how does Twitter work?  People follow you and you follow people.  It’s really that simple.  You can follow anyone and anyone can follow you (assuming you don’t block them, which you can).

Follow me here

See what these people are up to:  Richard Branson, Kevin Rudd, Demi Moore or Brian Tracy.  Who else would you be interested in following?

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