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Is Home Staging worth the money?

Posted by Steve Koerber on January 16, 2008

Home staging is worth the money

Absolutely yes!  Enhancing the look of your home for selling is a great idea and should help you to achieve a sale.  Home Staging may even put more dollars in your pocket.  And it doesn’t matter what price range you’re in.

I sold a small home unit a few years ago that was in average condition.  The carpet was old and grey, the walls had not been painted in years, the curtains were plain and it was quite small.  The owners tidied up the garden, removed a lot of their clutter and added expensive new furniture, artwork and accessories hired from a Home Staging specialist.

Within weeks I received two competing offers and the unit sold for $400,000.  A few weeks later the owner confided that their expectations had been around $320,000.  They would have been delighted to get $350,000, so you can imagine their amazement at the $400,000 they received.

The new owners moved in and realised that the property wasn’t big enough for them.  They had too much ‘old style’ furniture and not enough room to store all their possessions.  Three months later, in a rising market, they put the unit back on the market at what they thought was a reasonable $415,000 asking price. 

They didn’t ‘home stage’.  They didn’t get an offer.  They reduced their price.  After three months on the market and still no offers, they eventually realised that they had paid too much.  They reduced their price and sold for $370,000.

Although this story is somewhat sad for the second seller, it illustrates the incredible power of Home Staging.  By investing less than $2000 in home staging, the first seller achieved at least $30,000 more for their unit than they otherwise could/should have.

Simple touches make all the difference

If you’re selling, how much could Home Staging put in your pocket?


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