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Should I view a new listing via the listing agent?

Posted by Steve Koerber on February 24, 2010

Should I view a new listing via the listing agent?  Ponder this…

1.  The listing agent is likely to know more about the property and can explain all the features, benefits and pitfalls (if there are any). 

2.  The listing agent is more likely to have all the information about the property on hand.  You don’t have to wait for information to be passed through several hands before it comes to you.

2.  The listing agent knows the owners.  Selling agents don’t know the owners nor their preferences and motivations.  If you want to know when the roof was replaced, if the house is insulated, would the owners really entertain a pre-auction offer? etc, you are probably better to deal with the listing agent from the start.  It’s likely to be so much easier.  Why complicate things?

3.  The listing agent is the only person who can give you a realistic idea about how popular (or not) the property is.  Their feedback will be real, not guessed.

4.  There are usually 3 parties involved in a home purchase – seller, agent, buyer.  Buying a home is difficult enough without introducing a 4th party (selling agent) who often knows less about the property and the transaction.

5.  If you have been looking at houses with an agent you have established trust with, you should probably stick with them.  If however, you’ve spotted a nice new listing on the internet and you’d like to inspect it, you should consider the above points before you pick up the phone and call to arrange a viewing.  Contact the listing agent and take the stress out of searching for property.


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