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Who’s Moving in Remuera real estate?

Posted by Steve Koerber on June 30, 2009

These days I sell homes throughout Remuera and in some surrounding suburbs.  When I first started selling in Remuera in 1998 I decided to focus predominantly in one area – Southern Remuera.  Since then it’s been my mission to become the agent of choice in that area. 

If you live on the southern slopes of Remuera you’ll probably be familiar with my monthly statistical newsletter ‘Who’s Moving”.  I believe it’s the best statistical real estate newsletter available to local residents for the following reasons:

1.  It provides an accurate snapshot of the exact state of the market on Remuera’s southern side. 

2.  It takes my assistant Anne and myself several days to research and compile it at the end of each month.

3.  It is totally transparent.  If any company lists or sells a property in my area, that property will be included in it.  Private listings and sales are included also.

4.  Sales methods, listed prices, sale prices and CVs of all properties are included.

5.  Compiling my newsletter helps me to know my marketplace even better.  I can walk into a house and (usually) quite accurately predict its value based on recent sales, without needing to research recent sales. 

6.  Some locals have kept my newsletters for years.  It’s a great way for them to keep abreast of the likely value of their own home, compared to those that have sold nearby.

7.  Readers can instantly spot the market leader – the firm that is listing and selling more property than any other firm – Barfoot & Thompson.

Click on the individual links below to read Who’s Moving –

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Zoodle Remuera

Posted by Steve Koerber on January 14, 2009

Now New Zealander’s have one website (Zoodle) that contains virtually everything you need to know about property, prices, markets, locations etc.  Click here to view the latest Remuera median sale price (3 months).

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Press Release 11 Nov 2008 – Remuera’s New Top Salesperson

Posted by Steve Koerber on November 10, 2008

Release date: 11 Nov 08


Steve Koerber of Barfoot & Thompson was last month recognised by the Company’s Directors as their number one salesperson in their number one branch (Remuera).  Steve took the reigns as the top selling salesperson in March and has held the top spot ever since.  With a personal market share of approximately 7% in Remuera, according to REINZ statistics, Steve has been responsible for 1 in every 14 sales transacted in Remuera this year.  End.

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How accurate is your new Capital Valuation (CV)?

Posted by Steve Koerber on October 21, 2008

Auckland City Council is required by law to revalue all properties every three years.  If you would like to check the Capital Value (CV) of any property in Auckland here is the link to the Auckland City Council webpage.

What does your Capital Value mean?

It is an assessment of the probable price that would have been paid, including land and buildings, for the property if it had been sold on 1 July 2008, updated to reflect changes in properties up to 30 June 2008.

It is not the market value for a property.

The capital value does not include chattels which will need to be added on when estimating an appropriate sale price.

How close to my CV will my house sell for?

You should use your CV as a very “very” rough guide.  Your CV could potentially be 30% or more out, either above or below your real market value.  I have sold many homes for figures that vary from one extreme to the other when compared with their CV.

As an example, a property I sold after a competitive auction in September 2008 had a 2005 CV of $1,130,000 at the time of the sale.  The new 2008 CV is $1,370,000.  It was in a street in which many homes had sold in the $1,000,000 to $3,000,000 range in the three years since 2005, hence the apparent increase in value.  The sale price however was only $1,060,000.  The council got this one very wrong.

There are many other examples of homes that have recently sold in excess of the new 2008 CVs. 

How values are assessed

The process of revaluation reflects the changing nature of Auckland city, it’s development as New Zealand’s largest centre of commercial activity, and it’s growing population. Properties are valued on a site by site basis and in context with other properties in the area and other suburbs.

The valuation process consists of the following main stages:

  1. Property inspections

Before each three yearly revaluation council inspects approximately half of all residential properties from the roadside to check that their records are up to date.

Checking half the properties means that every property will receive an inspection each six years. In addition, council inspects between 5,000 and 6,000 properties annually as a result of building consent revaluations.

For each inspected property, council checks the property classification (ie house, town house, apartment, factory or shop) to see that it is correct. They review improvements made to the property, including garages and pools, to see whether any have been made or removed since the previous valuation. They also review the quality and condition rating of improvements. Land attributes, such as view and contour, are checked for accuracy and consistency with surrounding properties.

  1. Sales and rental analysis

Valuers review what properties are selling and renting for in your area.

Council obtains information about residential and commercial rental levels from various sources (tenancy services, market surveys, real estate agents, property management companies).

  1. Valuer General’s audit

The Rating Valuations Act 1998 requires the Valuer General to audit revaluations before giving approval for the values to be published.

A rigorous audit process is carried out over a period of three weeks. This audit

  • checks the processes used to prepare the revaluation
  • carries out statistical analysis of sales to determine the accuracy of the assessed values
  • may require random checks of properties.
  1. Publishing of proposed values

Once the Valuer General approves the process and the values, council publishes a public notice and sends out a valuation notice for each separate rating unit to the owner of the property and the ratepayer, if different. The notice advises the new values and the closing date for objections.

  1. An objection period

The Rating Valuations Regulations 1998 prescribes that objections must be lodged before the expiry of the date specified in the public notice. The objection period is 30 working days calculated from the date of the public notice for general revaluation and 20 working days for other valuations.

  1. Property rates setting

Council uses finalised values for setting rates from 1 July of the year following their publication unless they have been amended as a result of an objection review or there has been a change to the property. They continue to use the published values for setting rates until the objection is finalised.

They use the annual value rating system, which means property values will be based on either:

  • the amount a property might earn in one year if rented (the estimated gross less 20 per cent, or 10 per cent if there are no buildings on the land) or
  • 5 per cent of the property’s capital value

It is a requirement of the Rating Valuations Act 1998 that they use the highest figure of these two options to determine the rateable value of the property. This means that a sample of residential and commercial property owners will receive an enquiry requesting rental information.

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Auckland house prices fall by $416 per day in June 2008

Posted by Steve Koerber on July 11, 2008

Today’s NZ Herald headlines shouted the above statistic.  Auckland’s median had gone from $447,000 to $435,000 in just one month.  Low sales volumes were a major contributor.

Four months ago, in March 2008, I wrote this:  “In a few months (say May 2008 we may see a headline that says “Auckland house prices falling by $100 per week”.  By the time a headline like that is published, the decline is likely to have stopped, and the buyers are likely to have returned to the market en masse.”

So, it seems I got the figures a tad wrong.  Are buyers flooding back to the market as I write this?  No they’re not, but I can’t remember a winter in which sales numbers were at all bullish.  When buyers sense that prices are right, they will come of out of the woodwork.  Anyone who is buying right now will tell you they feel good about the price they are paying.  Did they say that during 2006/7?  No they didn’t.

Imagine the opportunites that are about to present themselves to buyers. 

On a personal note – 2007 was my best year in real estate.  More sales, more income than ever!  This year, 2008, I am tracking better than I was last year.  Fact.  The negativity, falling prices, fewer buyers etc, are simply not slowing my business.  If anything, real sellers are calling me, because (if I do say so myself :), I am selling homes without too much difficulty in this market.  The difference?  Experience and skill.

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Homes listed and/or sold by Steve Koerber – can you spot your street?

Posted by Steve Koerber on March 16, 2008

UPDATED October 2010

Selling Armadale 2 Resized

Steve seals his 35th sale in Armadale Road

These lists are no longer updated here.  Please go to for the latest sales.

Houses listed and/or sold by Steve Koerber FY 2011

81 Upland Rd  $651,000

2 Ohinerau St $1,148,000

39 Armadale Rd (36th sale in Armadale Rd) $1,170,000

29 Leys Cres $758,000

19C Ngapuhi Rd $561,000

1/9 Lillington Rd $436,500

15 Lintaine Pl $625,000

17F Mainston Rd $980,000

4 McFarland St $645,000

11 Robert St $555,000

54 Clonbern Rd $1,160,000

19 Armadale Rd $2,470,000 (bare land – my 37th sale in Armadale)

2/107 Lucerne Rd $435,000

36 Richard Farrell Ave $920,000

54 Portland Rd $1,000,000

12 Kentucky St $695,000 

7 Norana Ave  $1,605,000

53 Ascot Ave $855,000

46a Omahu Rd $895,000

Houses listed and/or sold by Steve Koerber FY 2010

26 Ascot Ave $935,000

516C Remuera Rd $422,000

2/296 Remuera Rd $2,500,000

1/11 Lonsdale St $537,500

3 Leys Cres $830,000

3/141 Portland Rd $285,000

10B Dromorne Rd $1,450,000

4/13 Armadale Rd $331,500 (Steve’s 34th sale in this street)

7 Dromorne Rd  $725,000 LH

142 Orakei Rd  $1,555,000

18 Garin Way  $595,000

52 Clonbern Rd $1,210,000

34a Armadale Rd  $995,000 (Steve’s 35th sale in this street)

1/37 Richard Farrell Ave  $388,000

6/30 Coates Ave  $537,500

23a Dromorne Rd  $1,394,000

3/39 Shackleton Rd  $373,000

30A Ballarat St  $492,500

14 Canterbury Park Ln  $585,000

6 Walpole St  $820,000

12 Rotomahana Tce  $1,005,000

1/13 Omahu Rd  $1,250,000

31B Patteson Ave  $480,000

1/171 Portland Rd $596,000

17 Grand View Rd $626,500

35 Lillington Rd $760,000

21 Platina St $850,000

19a Grand View Rd $695,000

1/13 Omahu Rd $1,250,000 (again)

70 Market Rd $786,000

3/22 Clonbern Rd $765,000

1 Ohinerau St $1,138,000

48 Ohinerau St $857,500

19 Shore Rd $1,000,000

19 Hubert Henderson Pl $730,000

24 Cotter Ave $1,435,000

10A Rotomahana Tce $778,000

2B/524 Remuera Rd $700,000

2 Hilltop St $618,000

65 Lingarth St $1,900,000

60 Mountain Rd $1,158,000

124 Orakei Rd $820,000

4 Stoneyroyd Gardens $1,075,000

39 Benson Rd $1,302,000

18 Prospect Tce $1,057,000

40 Ascot Ave $754,000

Houses listed and/or sold by Steve Koerber FY2009

24 Entrican Ave $1,370,000

54 Middleton Rd $1,100,000

433 Riddell Rd $1,000,000

44A Armadale Rd $955,000

21 Fancourt St $800,000

20 Koraha St $742,500

28 Gowing Drive $870,000

10B Umere Cres $790,000

89A St Vincent Ave $888,000

4A Lingarth St $680,000

18 St Vincent Ave $900,000

11 Rutherford Tce $735,000

11C Omahu Rd $570,000

19 Green Lane East $580,000

12B Derby Downs $668,000

25 Maungarei Rd $707,500

34 Ohinerau St $1,000,000

39 Entrican Ave $1,060,000

2 Meyrick Pl $725,000

64C Ripon Cres $470,000

1 Debron Ave $495,000

15 Ventnor Rd $662,000

4 Howard Hunter Ave $1,070,000

2/29A Ngapuhi Rd $323,000

8F Norana Ave $515,000

12B Waikato Pl $505,000

7 Kenny Rd $1,010,000

11A Monteith Cres $400,000

3/64 Hapua St  $482,500

24 Entrican Ave $1,231,000

30 Lucerne Rd  $900,000

134A Ladies Mile  $715,000

Houses listed and/or sold by Steve Koerber FY2008

47 SALES TOTALLING $39,962,000.  AVERAGE SALE $850,255, HIGHEST $2,270,000, LOWEST $280,000

3/11 Wootton Rd
15 Rotomahana Tce
750 Remuera Rd
14 Crocus Pl
4/6 Norana Ave
7/1 Orakei Rd
105A St Johns Rd
183 Victoria Ave
10 Ingram Rd
145 Arney Road
23/7-9 Cleveland Rd
39 Armadale Rd
33A Pyatt Crescent
2/102 Market Rd
8 Roosevelt Ave
6 Koangi St
631A Remuera Rd
1 Lillington Rd
4 Rothesay St
3/31 Ascot Ave
29 Ascot Ave
1/63B Clonbern Rd
2/29A Ngapuhi Rd
81 Clonbern Rd
2/104 Market Rd
16A Norana Ave
24A The Glen
47B Nihill Cres
18A Lillington Rd
3/33 Lochiel Rd
674C Remuera Rd
3/100A Portland Rd
28 Norana Ave
16 Ohinerau St
10C Lillington Rd
55A College Rd
17A Mahoe Rd
1/28A Platina St
35A Spencer St
10B Banff Ave
65 Clonbern Rd
1/45 Armadale Rd
2/30 Ascot Ave
34A St Vincent Ave
6 Coldham Cres
2/134 Norman Lesser Dr
135 Shore Rd

Houses listed and/or sold by Steve Koerber FY2007

74C St Vincent Ave
20 Wairau Rd
48A Ohinerau St
6 Coldham Cres
1/11 Nordon Pl
16 Ngapuhi Rd
121A Lucerne Rd
15 Ripon Cres
47 Ohinerau St
5 Armadale Rd
24/7-9 Cleveland Rd
27 Queensway
17B Armadale Rd
28 Allen Johnstone Pl
66 Orakei Rd
8 Ipswich Pl
GF/24 James Cook Cr
3/3 Lauriston Ave
4/3 Lauriston Ave
46D Hapua St
15 Armadale Rd
10B Platina St
8B Kelvin Rd
122B Clonbern Rd
1/51 Brighton Rd
3/8 Korau Rd
1 Edenvale Tce
15 Te Kowhai Pl
1/6 Orakei Rd
18A Dilworth Ave
2/83 Clonbern Rd
111 Clonbern Rd
12A Fancourt St
27 Norana Ave
48 Armadale Rd
22B Ladies Mile
34 Washington Ave
460 Parnell Rd
1/460 Parnell Rd
11E Omahu Rd
65 Lingarth St

Houses listed and/or sold by Steve Koerber FY2006

5/193 St Heliers Bay Rd $750,000
16 Kitirawa Rd Remuera $1,105,000
97 Clonbern Rd Remuera $556,000
93 Clonbern Rd Remuera $521,000
111 Clonbern Rd Remuera $535,000
151A Paritai Dr Orakei $1,160,000
184 Grand Dr Remuera $742,000
3/30 Lingarth St Remuera $490,000
76A Temple St Meadowbank $442,000
2B/8 Laxon Tce Newmarket $340,000
4/107 Portland Rd Remuera $465,000
110/421 Queen St Auckland $147,000
105 Benson Rd Remuera $3,100,000
42 Lillington Rd Remuera $427,500
23-31 Hobson St City $156,000
28 Spencer St Remuera $344,000
10 Takau St Eden Terrace $385,000
2/29 Monteith Cres Remuera $400,000
2 Coldham Cres St Johns Park $800,000
2/107 Gowing Dr Meadowbank $377,500
89A St Vincent Ave Remuera $800,000
33B Armadale Rd Remuera $516,000
3/64 Hapua St Remuera $520,000
5R Dryden Pl Ellerslie $247,000
28 Lillington Rd $560,000
46 Paora St Orakei $848,000
2/4 Churton St Parnell $588,000
28 Spencer St Remuera $352,500
39 Armadale Rd Remuera $880,000
1/11 Minto Rd Remuera $468,000
25 Ohinerau St Remuera $883,000
11A Monteith Cres $420,000
82 Upland Rd $1,228,000
3 Lillington Rd $657,000
18 Baden Powell Pl $555,000
3A Martin Ave $675,000
42 Armadale Rd $940,000

Houses listed and/or sold by Steve Koerber FY2005

9 Manawa Rd Remuera  $1,700,000
7 Swinton Close Remuera  $500,000
6 Allen Johnstone Pl St Johns $1,255,000
6 Michaels Ave Ellerslie  $596,000
44 Arney Cres Remuera  $1,680,000
1/11 Nordon Pl Remuera  $421,000
6 Maungarei Rd Remuera  $550,000
3/32 Armadale Rd Remuera  $485,000
14 Grand Dr Remuera  $680,000
78 Upland Rd Remuera $3,175,000
10 Dunbar Rd Balmoral  $250,000
11 Nihill Cres Mission Bay  $1,350,000
36 Wimbledon Cres Glen Innes  $265,000
7C Tonks St Remuera  $660,000
60 Clonbern Rd Remuera  $1,100,000
6 Walpole St Ellerslie  $680,000
2i/10 Hobson St City  $190,000
98 West Tamaki Rd St Heliers $309,500
42 Takitimu St Orakei $1,000,000
59 Orakei Rd Remuera $635,000
3/8 Korau Rd Epsom $370,000
9a Kawau Rd Greenlane $522,500
6d Cecil Road Epsom  $390,000
17B Wiles Ave Remuera $495,000
2 Moata Rd One Tree Hill $415,000
4 Walpole St Ellerslie $670,000
1/2 Risk Rd Remuera $500,000
127 Gowing Dr Meadowbank $480,250
15a Kitirawa Rd Remuera $750,000
5 Spencer St Remuera $1,700,000
15C Chatfield Pl Remuera $800,000
4 Gerard Way Meadowbank $625,000
40B Koraha St Remuera $505,000
57A Shackleton Rd Mt Eden $655,000
3/18 Pukeora Ave Remuera $415,000
32 Lillington Rd Remuera $500,000
111 Seaview Rd Remuera $1,175,000
1/125 Ngapuhi Rd Remuera $375,000
12A Waiatarua Rd Remuera $965,000
3/13 Benbow St St Heliers $910,000
36B Armadale Rd Remuera $920,000
90A Aotea St Orakei $661,000
2/13 Benbow St St Heliers $800,000
6 Koangi St Remuera $585,000
56 Richard Farrell Ave Remuera $730,000
16 Kitirawa Rd Remuera $1,105,000
3/8 Lonsdale St Ellerslie $530,000
12A Fancourt St Meadowbank $765,000
58 St Johns Rd Meadowbank $677,500
Properties added here as they are sold

Houses listed and/or sold by Steve Koerber FY2004

50 Ripon Cres Meadowbank
3B/26 Mt Eden Rd Mt Eden
32 Balmoral Rd Mt Eden
5/6 Norana Ave Remuera
1/6 Norana Ave Remuera
24/2 Mt Carmel Pl Meadowbank
59 Orakei Rd Remuera
3B/524 Remuera Rd Remuera
100 Paritai Dr Orakei
93 Arney Rd Remuera
2/458 Parnell Rd Parnell
82 Celtic Cres Ellerslie
2/34 Nordon Pl Remuera
2/33 Monteith Cres Remuera
12 Ascot Ave Remuera
27 Glenfell Pl Epsom
1/22 Norana Ave Remuera
2/9 MacMurray Rd Remuera
163 Orakei Rd Remuera
8/9 Lillington Rd Remuera
3B/83 New North Rd Eden Terrace
80 Taikata Rd Te Atatu Peninsula
5 Tiki St Remuera
2A Rotomahana Tce Remuera
5/5 Sarawia St Parnell
29A Orakei Rd Remuera
6 Renown Ave Greenlane
5K/508 Queen St City
3/96 Benson Rd Remuera
5i Dryden Pl Ellerslie
29 Olsen Ave Hillsborough
9 Kitirawa St Remuera
20 Brookland Pl Remuera
14 Maungarei Rd Remuera
46 Portland Rd Remuera
3/126 Mt Wellington Highway Mt Wellington
8B Rotomahana Tce Remuera
3B/26 Patey St Remuera
16 Ngapuhi Rd Remuera
34A Marua Rd Ellerslie
1/43 Ladies Mile Remuera
4/37 Victoria Ave Remuera
85 Aranui Rd Mt Wellington
5 Ventnor Rd Remuera
1/34 Nordon Pl Remuera
2/34 Nordon Pl Remuera
4/21 Wiles Ave Remuera
10L/508 Queen St City
3 Ohinerau St Remuera
29A Komaru St Remuera
2/17 Shera Rd Remuera
8/524 Remuera Rd Remuera

Houses Listed and/or sold by Steve Koerber FY2003

2/67 Clonbern Rd Remuera
5/28 Armadale Rd Remuera
2/6 Eldon Rd Mt Eden
1/C Martin Ave Remuera
17 Middleton Rd Newmarket
30 Ventnor Rd Remuera
36 Robert St Ellerslie
4/617 Remuera Rd Remuera
5B/23 George St Newmarket
172B Ladies Mile Ellerslie
655A Remuera Rd Remuera
525 Remuera Rd Remuera
1A/26 Mt Eden Rd Mt Eden
34B Greenlane East Remuera
4/39B Harrington Rd Henderson
8/736 Mt Eden Rd Mt Eden
2/5 Kakariki Ave Epsom
109 Huia Rd Titirangi
6/166 Grey St Onehunga
42 Armadale Rd Remuera
38 Norana Ave Remuera
92 Reihana St Orakei
7/23 Coates Ave Orakei
73B Landscape Rd Mt Eden
8D Norana Ave Remuera
18 Lillington Rd Remuera
8 Umere Cres Ellerslie
2/34 Nordon Pl Remuera
31 Balmoral Rd Mt Eden
57 Greenlane East Remuera
35 Omahu Rd Remuera
185 Victoria Ave Remuera
8/F Norana Ave Remuera
51 Armadale Rd Remuera
18 Sunnyvale Rd Greenlane
15 Armadale Rd Remuera
36 Lucerne Rd Remuera
32 Moata Rd One Tree Hill
20 Sherbourne Rd Mt Eden
25 Dexter Ave Mt Eden
9/2 Atarangi Rd greenlane
8 Grey St Onehunga
29 Norana Ave Remuera
4 Lee St Parnell
12/617 Remuera Rd Remuera
34 St Vincent Ave Remuera
40 Mt Hobson Ln Remuera
4/76 Allum St Kohimarama
196A Orakei Rd Remuera
154 Arthur St Onehunga
104 Orakei Rd Remuera
12 Fancourt St Meadowbank
89A St Vincent Ave Remuera
1/268 Kepa Rd Mission Bay
3/456 Parnell Rd Parnell
4 Hatfield Heights Hatfields Beach

Houses listed and/or sold by Steve Koerber FY 2002

3/27 Clonbern Rd Remuera
28 St Vincent Ave Remuera
10 Allen Johnstone Pl St Johns Park
46A Armadale Rd Remuera
39 Armadale Rd Remuera
93 Clonbern Rd Remuera
15 Ventnor Rd Remuera
5A Marua Rd Ellerslie
45A St Vincent Ave Remuera
34A Ascot Ave Remuera
28 Hoani Glade St Johns Park
1/167 Portland Rd Remuera
2/36 Robert St Ellerslie
33A Armadale Rd Remuera
78 Clonbern Rd Remuera
1/459 Remuera Rd Remuera
1 Stonyroyd Gardens Remuera
27 Norana Ave Remuera
25 Leys Cres Remuera
17C Bell Rd Remuera
52 Hawera Rd Kohimarama
3/723 Remuera Rd Remuera
4, 5 & 6/169 Portland Road Remuera
10E Norana Rd Remuera
33 Allen Johnstone Pl St Johns Park
81 Bassett Rd Remuera
24 Norana Ave Remuera
9 Peach Parade Remuera
34 Northboro Rd Takapuna
48A Armadale Rd Remuera
30 Dromorne Rd Remuera
30B Armadale Rd Remuera
2/4 Temple St Meadowbank
2/40 Koraha St Remuera
22 Armadale Rd Remuera
38 Norana Ave Remuera
59 St Vincents Ave Remuera
18C Amy St Ellerslie
50B Upland Rd Remuera
2/46 St Vincent Ave Remuera
18 Bell Rd Remuera
7 MacPherson St Meadowbank
33 Norana Rd Remuera
20B Wiles Ave Remuera
8 Ohinerau St Remuera
3/276 Victoria Ave Remuera
42 Norana Ave Remuera
66A Spencer St Remuera
3/45 Hapua St Remuera
3/25 Martin Ave Remuera
25A Waiatarua Rd Remuera
78 Clonbern Rd Remuera
42 Norana Ave Remuera
66A Spencer St Remuera
3/45 Hapua St Remuera
3/25 Martin Ave Remuera
2/27 Clonbern Rd Remuera
2/170 Manukau Rd Epsom
1/28 Tarawera Tce St Heliers
68 Hapua St Remuera
1/1 Conrad Dr Remuera
11 Greenlane Rd Remuera
69 Lucerne Rd Remuera
6/617 Remuera Rd Remuera
30A Armadale Rd Remuera
27A Queensway Three Kings
10B Avice St Remuera

Sale list for period 1996 to 2001 available on request

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Slow real estate market in Auckland? Yeah right!

Posted by Steve Koerber on February 3, 2008

Not boasting but…surely the following is good to know if you’re interested in Auckland real estate….

During the eleven day period between 24 January 2008 and 4 February 2008 I was  involved in the sale of seven homes.  One contract didn’t go through, so that’s six sales.  Better than one every two days.  And tomorrow I’m presenting another offer.  I like these slow markets, they’re good.

Update:  as of 7 Feb 08, a further two sales.  Eight sales in 2 weeks.

Update:  as of 14 Feb 08, Nine sales in 3 weeks.

Update:  as of 5 Mar 08, Twelve sales in 6 weeks.

Update:  as of 11 Sep 08, Ten sales in 5 weeks.

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Auckland residential property prices have doubled every nine years since 1954

Posted by Steve Koerber on January 19, 2008


Every year since 1954, Barfoot & Thompson, Auckland’s oldest and largest real estate company, has recorded the annual average sale price of residential property in Auckland.

View graph here:  Auckland residential property is a proven performer

Have a look at the attached graph that shows the rise and rise of Auckland prices.  It is quite remarkable.  Over the last 53 years only a handful of years were negative.  Most years saw positive growth.  According to these numbers, residential property has doubled in value about every nine years.

You’ll notice that this graph ends in 2007.  The 2008 average sale price was $513,000.  So far in 2009 the average sale price is $510,000.  Enjoy!

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