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It’s a wonderful life – Merry Christmas

Posted by Steve Koerber on December 14, 2009

The angel saves George Bayley

As we reflect on the passing of yet another busy year, take a moment to imagine how this world would be if you weren’t in it.  You might be surprised how much influence you have on the world around you.

The classic 1946 Christmas movie starring James Stewart “It’s a wonderful life” tells the story of a family man George Bailey who allows the pressures of every day life to get on top of him.  On a cold Christmas Eve he decides to end his life by jumping off a bridge.  An angel pleads with him to reconsider and shows him what his friends, family and hometown would be like if he hadn’t been born.

The angel guides George through shocking scenes of a town in rack and ruin.  Instead of being a model community, it’s a slum.  George’s brother Harry was dead because he (aged 12) wasn’t around to save his life.  All the men that Harry went on to save in the war were also dead and their families and communities similarly affected by multiple losses.  The local pharmacist was in jail for mistakenly prescribing a poisonous drug to a child, whereas George (as a teenage errand boy) would have prevented that mistake and permanently changed the direction of two lives.

Next time you flash an innocent smile to someone sitting beside you in the traffic, who knows what changes you’ll make in the world?  The recipient of your smile might think “this world’s not such a bad place after-all”.  You could be brightening someone’s day or even saving a life or two.


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