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Pump on Pre-Pay. First impressions do count!

Posted by Steve Koerber on February 15, 2009

When I fill my car with petrol I’m usually reasonably well dressed. My car’s not shabby either – an understated but nice looking Subaru Legacy sedan.bp

I don’t know about you, but I quite like the fact that I’ve never pre-paid for my petrol. Not even late at night.

The thought of pre-paying gets up my nose. I understand why service stations need to enforce it, but I would find it all rather inconvenient.

Last week I asked the cashier why he didn’t make me pre-pay. He just smiled. I then asked him how he chooses the customers that must pre-pay.

I guess the answer was always going to be quite obvious. Scruffy types in older cars that “might” be a theft risk.

It got me thinking about how important “first impressions” are and how often people consciously or sub-consciously judge you.

If first impressions are powerful enough to put you either in or out of the “potential thief” category, imagine how important it is to get your home looking, smelling and feeling fantastic when you’re trying to sell it.

First impressions do count.  Bigtime!


One Response to “Pump on Pre-Pay. First impressions do count!”

  1. Kirk said

    So that’s why they make me payfirst!

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