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Your Home is Worth Less Than It Was?

Posted by Steve Koerber on February 7, 2009

long-queueThis was the front page headline of today’s Sunday Newspaper in Auckland.

I won’t argue the point, for many people this headline is true.  Real estate is cyclical, thank goodness!  Could it go up forever?

News from the trenches:  I’m arguably the busiest salesperson in Remuera at the moment.  I’m running 12 to 14 open homes per weekend.

Last weekend I was face to face with approximatley 150 groups (or 450 people).  Yes, that many came to my open homes alone.  How many other buyers are out there – plenty!

This weekend (Waitangi long weekend) most would expect a slow weekend at open homes.  Again I had approximately 150 groups (or 450 people) through again. 

About 20 groups (or 60 people) were 2nd timers from the previous weekend.  That means, over two weekends (one being a long weekend), I had 280 groups (or 840 people) through open homes.

Methinks there might be some bargains, but not as many as the newspapers would have us believe!


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