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Let’s play “spot the professional”

Posted by Steve Koerber on January 19, 2009

erakovicBeing a bit of a perfectionist (only sometimes of course!!) I like observing and comparing professional versus unprofessional things.

This morning I was watching the morning show on TV One and noticed the following on the ticker-tape news summary scrolling across the bottom of the screen:  “Marina Erakovic wins first round match at Australian Open”.

I thought, that’s good, good on her….I then became bored with the next story and switched over to Channel 3.

Their ticker-tape news summary at the bottom of their screen said the following:  “Marina Erakovic advances to the second round of the Australian Open by defeating Petra Cetkovska 6-4 7-5”

Channel 3’s approach was so much more positive and informative.  So much more professional.  Well done Channel 3!

Channel 3 – One

TV One – Nil


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