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Ten reasons to be positive

Posted by Steve Koerber on December 7, 2008

happy-face_happyface_smiley_2400x2400-full11.  New Zealand is one of the most picturesque, greenest, cleanest countries in the world.  People immigrate here for a safer, quieter, more wholesome lifestyle.  We are lucky to live here.

2.  The economy is cyclical.  Good times follow bad times, follow good times, follow bad times.

3.  People are the product of their dominant thoughts – think before you think.

4.  Laughter is free.  Laughter has cured diseases.  Laughter will cure more diseases.

5.  There are twice as many negative words in the English language as there are positive words.  There’s plenty of room for new positive words.

6.  NZ has the best Rugby team in the world.

7.  There will always be happy people whom unhappy people can copy.

8.  No matter how difficult you think things are for you, there is always someone worse off than yourself.

9.  People are generally good.  You can find good in anyone when you look closely.

10.  Most people value love more than anything else.  Some people know what they value most, and some people haven’t worked it out yet.  Eventually they will.


One Response to “Ten reasons to be positive”

  1. Kirk Vogel said

    Love number 6… GO THE A.B’s!

    Also, when all else seems to be falling around you, at least you still have your health, and the love of someone. Remember, there is someone thinking of you when they go to sleep at night… You are never alone…

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