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You become what you think about

Posted by Steve Koerber on September 10, 2008

A news item today is a poignant reminder of one of my mantras for life “you become what you think about”.

In South Auckland at around 2am today an unarmed plain clothed police officer was shot dead and his partner shot and injured.  The murdered officer was hunted down by the killer(s) who spotted him and his partner applying an electronic surveillance tag onto the killer(s) vehicle outside a P Lab.

Two of the cars the police were searching for had the following number plates:  BNBAD (pronounced “being bad”) on a Commodore and the other on a Subaru was NITEMR (for “Nightmare”).

In 1999 I had a number plate 6SFL1 (Successful one).  I remember sitting at the lights next to a beaten up old car with the number plate IMSCUM (I’m Scum).  I can’t speak for the other driver but I’m guessing that the individual drivers of those side by side cars have become the sum total of their dominant thoughts since that time.  I thought about success, he thought about scum.  What daily thoughts would you choose in the knowledge that they will shape your future? 

Shouldn’t we share this powerful message (you become what you think about) with our children?  If we save the life of one innocent dedicated policeman or policewoman by directing our children towards positive pursuits, it will have been worth the effort.

The suspects were found and have been charged.  BNBAD has given them their worst NITEMR!


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