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House Sales Plunge? For some perhaps…

Posted by Steve Koerber on September 9, 2008

Wednesday 10th Sept 2008 this headline appears House Sales Plunge.  Read the story.

I’m not avoiding the situation but I do want to shout from the rooftops about my recent success – during such a “supposedly” challenging period.

In August 2008 I sold seven properties!  It was (by far) my best ever August in the 12 years I’ve been selling real estate.  Five of those sales were auctions, all with multiple bidders, one with six bidders.

I calculated that so far in 2008 I have sold 1 in every 15 homes that have sold in Remuera.

On 10 September 2008 I had three auctions.  Two auctions sold above owner’s price expectations.  One was negotiated and sold to a new bidder the next day after interest from multiple interested parties.  Congratulations to all owners, especially Maree and Derek 🙂 who are relieved that I have updated this post to include their sale.

Auction 1 had 8 bidders, auction 2 had 3 bidders, auction 3 had 4 bidders.  That’s 15 buyers for 3 properties!

If you’ve heard that the market is no good for selling and that auctions don’t work, you’re listening to the wrong people. 

If you know anyone who wants and/or needs to sell in this market, look at my results, I know how to sell houses.  Get them to give me a call.


One Response to “House Sales Plunge? For some perhaps…”

  1. ytdscott said


    Congratulations! And, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I’m a former realtor, and now a coach. Many of my clients are experiencing the best years of their career, now, in 2008.

    If people will stop buying into the hype, they will find there are plenty of ready, willing and able buyers and sellers out there.

    Keep it going, Steve!

    Scott Friedman

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