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How to sell in a falling market

Posted by Steve Koerber on July 23, 2008

This post is written to help you if you are on the market selling and feeling the heat.

How quickly we’ve forgotten the heady days of sky-rocketing prices where buyers were literally jumping over eachother to buy a home. 

Let’s look at the best way to sell in a rising market.  Don’t risk a fixed price because your price might be higher than you think.  Market widely and attractively so more people buyers inspect your home.  Make buyers compete, it will probably drive your price higher.

In a falling market?  Don’t risk a fixed price because the risk is your price is lower than you think.  Market widely and attractively so the right buyer inspects your home.  If two people find and like your home you’ll get the best price by making them compete for it.  If you only find one buyer my suggestion is work with them if they are within 5 – 10% of your bottom line.  That level is probably where the market is for your home right now.  Remember, if you’re struggling to sell, you’re not alone.

Ask yourself what you wouldn’t sell for.  Ponder that figure for a few days.  You’ll likely conclude that you should sell at that figure.


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