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The real estate market is always great – at the right price!

Posted by Steve Koerber on March 11, 2008

As of today, 12th March 2008, I believe the average price of real estate in Remuera is falling.  I further believe that prices will soon stop falling, level off and eventually rise.

I remember a NZ herald headline a few years ago that reported Auckland prices rising at about $500 per week. That is not the case today. 

In a few months (say May 2008) we may see a headline that says “Auckland house prices falling by $100 per week”.  By the time a headline like that is published, the decline is likely to have stopped, and the buyers are likely to have returned to the market en masse. 

But for the moment, the market is awash with sellers who want to sell and buyers who want a bargain.  What a great time to be buying!


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