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Are there any property bargains in Remuera?

Posted by Steve Koerber on February 13, 2008

As I flicked through the central property press today I marvelled at how many properties were for sale in Remuera.  I became quite excited, imagining that if I was a genuine buyer, how relieved I would feel that prices were no longer climbing by an incredible $500 per day.  How nice to be able to look at a home, then check another, then another before making the decision to make one of the biggest purchases of my life. 

And if I did my research and found something I really liked, wouldn’t it be marvellous if the owner had been listening to all the negative stories about the potential for house prices to fall.  Perhaps then they might accept my well considered but slightly cheeky offer.  Perhaps they wouldn’t. 

I guess it would depend on whether they really needed or wanted to sell.  If my offer wasn’t accepted I’d move on and find an owner who was willing to meet my price.  Or would I?  I wonder if I’d be lucky enough to find a home I love with an owner that will sell to me.  Or would I compromise and buy an ‘interim’ home because it was cheap?


2 Responses to “Are there any property bargains in Remuera?”

  1. Nicole Hitchcock said

    What a great idea! I thought I’d honour it with a reply. My biggest concern is finding a Grammar-zone property when the time comes that is actually affordable for a young family of 3 children eventually Grammar-bound (like their uncle and grandfather and mother) that isn’t hostile to grass and the small feet that should feel it. This obsession with paving, landscaping and decks is hardly consistent with the needs of young families seeking to take advantage of the great schooling that Remuera offers.

  2. stevesrant said

    Thanks Nicole. Agree there’s just not enough green grass left!

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