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Slow real estate market in Auckland? Yeah right!

Posted by Steve Koerber on February 3, 2008

Not boasting but…surely the following is good to know if you’re interested in Auckland real estate….

During the eleven day period between 24 January 2008 and 4 February 2008 I was  involved in the sale of seven homes.  One contract didn’t go through, so that’s six sales.  Better than one every two days.  And tomorrow I’m presenting another offer.  I like these slow markets, they’re good.

Update:  as of 7 Feb 08, a further two sales.  Eight sales in 2 weeks.

Update:  as of 14 Feb 08, Nine sales in 3 weeks.

Update:  as of 5 Mar 08, Twelve sales in 6 weeks.

Update:  as of 11 Sep 08, Ten sales in 5 weeks.


3 Responses to “Slow real estate market in Auckland? Yeah right!”

  1. At this rate you’ll be able to call it a year by summer holiday! Congrats glad someone is busy. Things are just starting to pick up here in Florida.

  2. Andy H said

    Yeah right indeed Steve…….

    It’s relatively easy to track sold Auckland properties on allrealestate (which covers a representative number of agents).

    Here is the total number of sold properties for weeks ending:

    Sun 3rd Feb: 71
    Sun 10th Feb 70
    Sun 17th Feb 75
    Sun 24th Feb – 57, so far will probably come in mid-high 60’s

    Those figures are not a million miles away from January’s (which were truly awful in terms of T/O).

    I think it’s really funny when lone agents try and tell us the market is doing well, really, really funny…….

    Please don’t take us all for idiots Steve.

  3. stevesrant said

    Thanks Andy,

    You make a good point. Sales volumes are down, no question. The heading for this post was designed to draw people interested in property to my blog – a somewhat controversial heading designed to capture attention – a strategy that could be found in every marketing text book. You’ll notice that the body of my post says nothing about a buoyant market. My aim (via the text) was that readers see that the odd ‘lone agent’ can and does make sales even in a slower market. Blatant self interest really I guess, but I’m keen to help as many sellers as I can. Potential sellers have the option of asking a ‘not so busy’ agent to help them, or they could call me! Thanks again.

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