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My best advice for real buyers

Posted by Steve Koerber on December 19, 2007

When I receive an enquiry from someone wanting to buy a house I often ask them what homes they have previously made offers on.  That question can confuse them.  Most don’t understand why I ask it.  So why do I?

I keep a very close eye on my local market and I’m aware of most listings, agencies, salespeople, prices and sales.  If a buyer tells me they offered on, say, 25 Orakei Road, I’m likley to know about that property, it’s pricing, style, position etc.  Instantly I can sense the type of home they like and, rather than waste their time and mine, I can introduce them to similar homes I have available for sale. 

Buyer’s tip:  If you really want to buy, tell agents what you have offered on.  If you haven’t offered, tell them about a home you came close to buying.  Alternatively, pick a home in the area you like and describe it in detail.  This will help your salesperson to help you.


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