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2007 – The Real Estate Year in Review

Posted by Steve Koerber on December 18, 2007

 January 2007 saw a relatively slow start for Central Auckland real estate and prices looked as though they might take a breather from the rapid rises we had seen during the fourth quarter of 2006.  My first sale of the year was a brought forward auction of an as-new townhouse at 12A Fancourt St, Meadowbank.  A pre-auction offer of $945,000 was unbeaten and the owners were happily on their way to a new life in Christchurch.  I also completed extensive renovations on my family home.

February 2007 saw the largest ocean liner in the world, the Queen Mary 2, visit Auckland on her inaugural world voyage.  She cost $1.1b to build, weighs more than 151,000 tonnes and measures longer than the main span of the Auckland Harbour Bridge.  Not to be outdone, I set a price record in Lingarth St, selling 65 Lingarth St for $2,125,000 at auction.

March 2007 was the best month of the year for me (it usually is).  For the fifth consecutive time since 2002 I finished the financial year ranked in the top 3% of all Barfoot’s salespeople and claimed the position of No.2 ranked salesperson in the Remuera branch.  Proudly, that’s a position I’ve managed to maintain since then.

April 2007 was the month my fabulous assistant Anne Sullivan started to work for me.  She has gone from strength to strength and everyone comments that she is an absolute delight to talk to and work with.  It was another good month for sales with the most notable being a record price achieved in Rotomahana Tce for a half site bungalow.

May 2007 brought with it my son Joshua’s second birthday.  It was two years since I delivered him (unplanned of course) in the bath at home.  Later in the month I visited Sydney to attend probably the world’s best conference for real estate practitioners.  I met a Melbourne agent, James Tostevin, who sells three times more than I do.  I decided I’d like to follow in his footsteps.  May also saw my highest sale for the year, in Victoria Avenue, for $2,270,000.

June 2007 saw cracks start to appear in the US sub-prime mortgage market.  Flow-on effects saw investors start to pull out of NZ finance companies and to date 13 have failed.  I sold 39 Armadale Rd for the third time in 9 years and it marked my 38th sale in that street.  A past client listed their home with a rival company and sold it to a buyer that was well known to me and whom I had arranged to show the property to.  Them’s the breaks! 

In July 2007 my wife and eldest daughter celebrated their birthdays on the same day.  I sent invitations to selected Barfoot & Thompson agents to join a new mastermind group of top agents.  Since then I’ve convened monthly breakfast meetings with a group of six of the best.  We share great ideas that will improve our businesses and help us serve customers better.

In August 2007 I was very busy with listings and completed 21 open homes.  I achieved a special result in selling an awesome home in Lillington Rd.  It was probably my most exciting sale of the year.  A hard fought auction with 11 bidders achieved another record price.   The lucky new owner had had her heart set on owning it from day one.  At the end of the month I noticed that open home numbers were reducing and buyers were taking longer to make decisions.  I also calculated that during 2007 only 25% of my total sales occurred as a direct result of open homes.

In September 2007 I listed most homes jointly with colleagues in preparation for a long planned family holiday in Cairns.  We also sold our family home and moved to a new (do-up) one in Mt Eden.  The beauty of an established real estate career is that my business keeps running while I’m away.  I came back totally relaxed and jumped straight back into one of the busiest times of the year.

October 2007 started to see a bit of pressure applied to sellers to reduce their price expectations.  Statistics released in December revealed that this was the month that price growth rates began to slow.  Compared to a year earlier however the average Auckland house was still approximately 10% more expensive.  I re-joined the world’s largest business referral network – Business Network International (BNI).

In November 2007 I finally got the technical side of my business right.  I love the new server based system that links my Blackberry phone with my two computers.  Everything I enter into my tasks, calendar, email and contacts automatically updates each device.  I also started a weblog that is now full of my idle rants about real estate matters in general.  I’d be thrilled if you had a look at

In December 2007 my youngest daughter turned 4 and to celebrate we had Old MacDonald’s Farm come to her party.  Their website says:  “We bring our sheep, pigs, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chooks, ducks, the rat family, baby lamb, piglet and calf for bottle-feeding when in season, farm dog, and small pony for pony rides – all set in a mini-barn scene”.  I finished the year with a warm and fuzzy sale of a $1.3mil Remuera family home.  The owners with three teenagers are off to live in Sydney and the buyers with three younger boys have just returned from a year in Brisbane.


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